Practice Tests

We provide full SAT and ACT tests every Friday from 4pm-9pm for everyone (no strings attached!). It’s a small service we do for our awesome student community, and you should definitely take advantage of it! It helps students develop test familiarity (so you don’t freak on test day) and testing stamina (SAT/ACT is an intense 4-hour marathon!), but most importantly it tells us what we need to work on. If you’re interested, just shoot us an email using our form on our home-page so we can print a test out for you! See you on Friday!


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Student Profiles

What is a student profile? It’s how we keep tab of your student data! Scores, class feedback, and short-term / long-term goals. It’s a summary of everything you’ve been doing with us and seeing how far you’ve come. It’s complimentary for all our members, so sign up today!


Progress is a beautiful thing. The Study can help keep tabs on your student data!

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Study Lounge

If I were a student, where would I want to study? That’s the question we asked ourselves when designing the Study Lounge. It’s got a cozy ambiance, plenty of chalkboard space (and we mean it), spacious tables, candles, and tutors. We even serve complimentary drinks and snacks like coffee, hot chocolate, pastries, and ramen. Oh and did we mention we have doughnut days every Tuesday? So if you’re itching for place to go after school to get your study on, make our lounge your new after-school home! We’re sure you’ll love studying here.


Feel free to call or email with any questions you have. We'd love to hear from you!


ACT/SAT Classes

So you’ve taken the practice test on Friday, what do you do next? Well, we need to go over the mistakes! That’s exactly what we do during our classes: review mistakes and discuss the optimal approaches. Each class is based off of the week’s practice test, and one subject is covered each day.


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General Tutoring

If students are struggling with school classes we have tutors to help them better understand the topics taught in class to best apply them on tests and quizzes. We promote healthy study habits and develop mature academic mindsets to ensure they not only achieve competitive GPA scores but also maintain them.






A small group is the best way to get focused with your students study habits.

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The Study offers an annual Boot Camp for the ACT and SAT. Included with our Bootcamp is our Score Guarantee Program! If you attend our Bootcamp and receive a score lower than you had before, we will offer you a credit for your next test!


  1. Students must enroll for all subjects to be eligible.

  2. Students must do all work assigned and attend every class.