Feeling nervous about your upcoming ACT/SAT test? We’ve got you covered.




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We can help you in school.

Having trouble balancing equations? Got a big exam coming up on polynomial equations? Whether you’re struggling with 8th grade science or AP Calculus, The Study has got your back! Sign up for flexible small groups with our teachers today.

We can increase your SAT/ACT score.

Whether it’s your very first time taking the SAT/ACT or your fifth time, The Study can get in tip-top shape to help you score your best. We have practice tests every week, subject-specific classes, small-groups, and even bootcamps. So whatever your study-style is, The Study has got it covered! Come and improve your test scores today!


We can prep you for college.

Keeping true to our philosophy, we provide mentoring for students uncertain about where their education is leading them. During our sessions, students will draft short-term and long-term academic plans to help bring meaning and direction to their education experiences.


Ditch the noisy coffee shop.

The Study offers a beautiful study lounge designed with our student-members in mind. Our members have access to food, drinks, tutors, white-boards, blazing-fast wi-fi, discounts, and more! Come give us a visit and check it out, we’re sure you’ll find studying here quite the treat.